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Index to Public Lands News of May 22, 2015

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* FWS PROPOSES NEW ESA CURBS.  Would require listing petitioners to first talk to states, limit petitions to one species at a time.  Enviros call proposals ‘crippling.’  Their GOP critics want to see firm action.

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* ENERGY ROYALTIES CREATE RUCKUSES.  Two senators demand sweeping coal reforms.  Coal and O&G industries object to proposed ONRR rule.

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* HOUSE APPROVES LONG SAGE-GROUSE DELAY.  Bishop sees military implications of listing; DoD may not agree.  DoI posts sagebrush fire program.

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* BLM CONTEMPLATES NM AND AZ OFFICE MERGER.  But politicians from both parties and the energy industry say states’ resources vary greatly.

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* POSSIBLE NEVADA MONUMENT STIRS THE POT.  House Republicans fear Obama will designate Great Basin monument.  Sen. Reid is all for it.

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* MURKOWSKI MOVING DOZENS OF ENERGY BILLS.  But most controversial federal lands bill not yet in the mix.  Infrastructure, supply hearings.

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* MINERAL PERMITTING BILL FOUND WANTING.  Administration says BLM already has authority to speed permits.  Murkowski says feds do poor job.

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* JUDGE DEMANDS MORE COAL PERMIT ANALYSIS.  Says OSM must consider the impacts of burning coal before allowing expansions of operations.

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* PROPOSED WETLANDS RULE UNDER ASSAULT.  House votes to force withdrawal of plan to expand permit requirement.  OMB quickly threatens veto.

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