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Index to Public Lands News of October 31, 2014

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* GOP GOES AFTER SAGE-GROUSE SCIENCE.  Workshop on genetics is among several targets.  House Republicans said it should have been more broadly attended.  But FWS said the event was focused on narrow science.

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* GOP GOES AFTER FRACKING STUDIES.  Senate EPW members object to several studies and proposed rules.  Inhofe slams EPA IG; he hits back.

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* UTAH LANDS INITIATIVE TAKES A STEP.  With agreement on managing public lands in Daggett County among Rep. Bishop, conservationists, locals.

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* 'WHITE PAPER’ QUESTIONS UTAH LAND LAW.  State university officials say law demanding federal lands fails all legal and regulatory tests.

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* BLM COMPLETES CRUCIAL NPRA OIL PROJECT EIS.  Preferred alternative backs much of ConocoPhillips proposal for Mooses Tooth.  Statewide key.

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* MURKOWSKI MAY MOVE TO CENTER STAGE.  On public lands policy next year if GOP takes over Senate.  She would chair Senate Energy, money chair.

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* COURT UPHOLDS MULTI-STATE VISIBILITY PLAN.  Appeals panel endorses three-state plan for protecting Colorado Plateau from haze emissions.

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* REPUBLICANS PUSHING ENERGY PLAN ALREADY.  House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy expects Senate to follow House lead next year on bills.

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* FS SORTS OUT FY 2014 FIRE COSTS.  Uses different bases of comparison to come up with overspending estimates of $200M, $470M and $615M.

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* COURT MAY REFEREE UINTA AIR DISPUTE.  Parties present circuit court with their positions on EPA-approved plans NOT imposing ozone standards.

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