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Index to Public Lands News of February 5, 2016

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* SENATE DENIES MOST ENERGY BILL RIDERS.  Rejects amendments to expedite O&G gathering lines, impose limits on national monuments.  Final passage of underlying energy bill delayed.  Indian energy proposal approved.

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* SENATE REJECTS CURBS ON NATIONAL MONUMENTS.  In a vote on Lee amendment to require Senate and state approval of monument within three years.  Debate sharpened by proposals for Owyhee and Canyonlands Monuments.

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* SENATORS SAY THEY WILL ADDRESS FIRE MONEY.  Three committee chairmen say once again they will take up, but they offer no specific steps.

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* USUAL DEBATE OVER BLM METHANE PROPOSAL.  Industry and its allies oppose.  Enviros and their allies support.  BLM also looks at royalty hike.

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* WILL SENATE ENTER COAL LEASING DEBATE?  Faces three amendments that would undo DoI leasing moratorium and freeze existing royalty rate.

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* MALHEUR OCCUPATION COOLS; HARD FEELINGS DON’T.  Disposal of federal lands drives dispute.  Utah leaders contemplate suit to claim lands.

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* SENATE CONSIDERS RED RIVER RESURVEY.  May take up Cornyn amendment that proposes Texas, Oklahoma survey of public land.  House has passed.

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* SRS AND PILT AMENDMENT RESURFACES.  Wyden and company continue to offer amendment to make permanent, but Senate leaders may not address.

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