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Index to Public Lands News of July 3, 2015

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* BLM FRACKING RULE BLOCKED.  At least until August by federal judge.  Court says rule could harm industry and that appellants have a good case.  In the meantime appropriators and authorizes on Hill move to stop.

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* SENATORS ENDORSE EMERGENCY FIRE SWITCH.  Would shift some costs to fight most expensive fires out of appropriations.  Similar to Wyden/Crapo bill.  House would continue to pay all fire-fighting costs out of approps.

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* DEMS FAVOR O&G ROYALTY HIKE.  Led by Grijalva, they ask onshore increase from 12.5 percent to 18.75 percent.  Industry very much disagrees.

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* OBAMA TAKES HOUSE MONEY BILL TO TASK.  Criticizes overall spending level as well as virtually every policy statement.  Big contest in Senate.

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* HOUSE, SENATE DIFFER ON PAYING FOR PILT.  House appropriators would take payments from money bill.  Senate appropriators would fund outside.

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* FS PULLS GROUNDWATER POLICY.  After states complained it would interfere with their management of water rights.  FS may try new directive.

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* GAO HITS BLM RENEWABLE ENERGY BONDING.  Says bureau has no standards for solar.  BLM says it already has a proposed rule on the street.

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* UTAH COUNTIES MOVING ON BISHOP INITIATIVE.  Submit proposals for a Public Lands Initiative amendment that SUWA takes great exception to.

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