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Index to Public Lands News of March 27, 2015

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* SRS DEAL WOULD BE GOOD FOR TWO YEARS.  Amendment to must pass ‘Doc Fix’ bill would provide more than $300 million per year to counties.  Walden and DeFazio fashion.  Longer-term solution still not on horizon.

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* BUDGETS ARE TOUGH ON SPENDING.  House, Senate Republican plans would keep domestic revenues flat.  Senate backs public lands initiatives.

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* BLM RULE SETS FRACKING STANDARDS.  To the expected furor.  Despite grant of variances to states, industry files lawsuit.  Greens uneasy too.

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* MCCLINTOCK LAYS DOWN THE LAW.  New federal lands subcommittee chairs lets BLM and FS know he will aggressively promote commodity uses.

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* APPROPRIATORS WARN NOT TO EXPECT MUCH.  Murkowski, Calvert discount Obama public lands budget request.  Fire, PILT inclusion major factors.

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* BUSINESSES RAMP UP SAGE-GROUSE CRITICISM.  Commodity users say science   used by BLS, FWS and USGS is faulty.  Dems say hike agency approps.

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* JEWELL DESCRIBES ENERGY AMBITIONS.  Fracking rule of course leads, but  she also anticipates methane rule, possible energy royalty hikes.

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* HOUSE, SENATE STILL DIFFER ON FIRE MONEY.  Senate budget favors shift of emergency fire spending to disaster account.  House less interested.

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* BLMERS CALL FOR END TO MINER FEE EXEMPTIONS.  Say many small miners who avoid maintenance fees may be speculating.  Industry disagrees.

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* BLM APPROVES SEVEN NEW NPRA LEASES.  But does it matter?  More than 200 leases already sold since 1999 but no development has begun yet.

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