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Index to Public Lands News of September 5, 2014

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* TONGASS ROADLESS STATUS UP IN AIR AGAIN.  Full Ninth Circuit will rehear a split decision of three judges that upheld Bush administration removal of the Tongass from Clinton roadless area rule.  Greens pleased.

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* ENVIROS PAY RANCHER TO GIVE UP PERMIT.  In Gila Forest.  FS will review relinquished acreage for ten years.  May be first of several.

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* HILL BIG FALL AGENDA MAY WAIT TO LAME DUCK.  Approps bill may be in for short extension.  Immigration bills have fire, border provisions.

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* UTAH SAGE-GROUSE PLAN IN FOR A TEST.  By private land development, but enviros say the precedent could justify listing under ESA.

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* BIG THORNE TIMBER SALE IN COURT.  Lawsuits argue major Tongass cut not justified economically or environmentally.  Murkowski backs FS.

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* COURT OKAYS WYOMING WILD HORSE REMOVAL.  Says BLM has authority to remove 806 ‘strays’ from public/private land.  But court delays roundup.

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* COLORADO COAL EXPANSIONS IN COURT.  Enviros say OSM failed to adequately assess environmental impacts by relying on decades-old EISs.

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* RIM FIRE TIMBER SALE IS ON.  FS approves biggest sale in California in years.  Agency designated it an emergency so no appeals allowed.

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* PEER SAYS JUSTICE SHOULD PROSECUTE BUNDY.  Objects to inaction by U.S. attorney four months after BLM filed 35 complaints against rancher.

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