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Index to Public Lands News of August 14, 2015

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* SENATORS TO ADDRESS FIRE BUDGET.  Budget committee chairman Enzi and Senate leaders will negotiate this summer transfer of some fire-fighting costs to disaster spending.  Big questions are how much above-average emergency money to shift and how much hazardous fuels work to allow.

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* HOEVEN WOULD TEST QUICKER APDS.  Amendment in energy bill would have BLM test expedited O&G APDs in one state (North Dakota?)  Not as ambitious as earlier proposal to eliminate BLM APDs with small federal interest.

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* SENATE DEMS AIR AMBITIOUS COUNTY AID BILL.  Would make permanent PILT and LWCF, and would authorize SRS for six years.  Thirteen senators led by Heinrich introduce.  But no Republican sponsors in GOP Senate.

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* PRESIDENT SIGNS IDAHO BACKCOUNTRY LAW.  Simpson measure designates 275,000 acres of wilderness.  Opens way for grazing retirements.

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* FEDERAL COAL UNDER ATTACK.  On numerous fronts.  EPA power plant rule may affect indirectly.  Enviros call for end to federal coal production.

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* APPROPRIATIONS HEADED FOR CR.  According to Boehner.  Trouble in September when warring GOP and Dems face at least four major crises at once.

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* OREGON COUNTY OFFICIALS ALSO OPPOSE WYDEN O&C BILL.  In wake of Senate hearing on measure to hike timber sales, counties say not enough.

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