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Index to Public Lands News of July 11, 2014

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* PUBLIC LANDS AGENCY SPENDING FLAT.  In House DoI subcommittee version of a FY 2015 appropriations bill.  PILT money included.  Measure is loaded with riders on sage-grouse, climate change, wetlands, etc.

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* ENVIROS SPLIT ON FIRST SAGE-GROUSE PLAN.  Some lay groundwork for lawsuit but others such as The Wilderness Society praise.  Industry is somewhat supportive of Lander, Wyo., plan, but acknowledges restrictions.

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* OBAMA DEMANDS EMERGENCY FIRE MONEY ACTION.  Asks for $615 million in new money for FY 2014 and disaster funding henceforth.  Senators stir.

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* HARD ROCK FEE HIKE BOTHERS MINERS.  They object to annual maintenance fee increase to $155 per claim, will ask Congress to eliminate CPI hike.

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* SBA ASKS ESA COMMENT EXTENSION, GETS IT.  FWS grants 90 days more to comment on proposal that could affect critical habitat designations.

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* ENVIROS CITE HUGE OIL SHALE WATER NEED.  Say Chevron filing in Colorado water court demonstrates industry will need more water than thought.

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* ALASKA ASKS TO INTERVENE IN REFUGE ROAD CASE.  Will probably argue, as King Cove citizens do, that Congress meant for DoI to approve road.

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* GOP SENATORS: SPEND MONEY ON OPS, NOT LWCF.  Seven ask appropriators to put money into management, fires.  But many more support the program.

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