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Index to Public Lands News of April 24, 2015

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* INTERIOR WON’T LIST BI-STATE GROUSE.  Not necessarily harbinger of things to come on greater sage-grouse, but pols and interest groups suggest so.  Environmentalists charge political change in direction by DoI.

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* HOUSE APPROPS BILL WILL BE SUPER TIGHT.  Spending cap for FY 2016 public lands bill the same, but PILT and emergency fire money may be costly.  Cap follows House budget that has fewer new initiatives than the Senate.

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* BLM TAKES BIG STEP TOWARD O&G ROYALTY HIKE.  Gives formal notice that it is considering increase, and may boost several other onshore levies.

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* OBAMA SIGNS BILL WITH SRS MONEY.  More than $300 million each year for FY 2014 and 2015.  FS puts final allocation decisions on fast-track.

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* NORTHWEST FOREST PLAN REVISION FAULTED.  Even before it begins.  Industry says FS should scrap old plan completely and start from scratch.

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* FS WATER POLICIES ARE FLUID.  Agency tells House panel it won’t interfere with states on claims at permit renewal, in groundwater plan.

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* EPA, CORPS MOVING WETLANDS PERMIT RULE.  Send to OMB.  But House, Senate immediately threaten to block it.  Feds: We listened to objections.

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* BLM RELEASES BUNDY DOCUMENTS.  But PEER says they don’t say what led to confrontation with rancher and why no legal action has been taken.

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