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Index to Public Lands News of September 19, 2014

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* WYDEN DETERMINED TO MOVE O&C BILL.  Despite frontal assault from timber industry and Oregon counties.  Senate committee sets mark-up.  Industry says won’t produce timber.  Counties seek experts to study revenues.

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* GREENS PROMISE MEXICAN WOLF, LYNX SUITS.  Say Mexican wolf recovery plan is out-of-date.  Say Canadian lynx habitat omits southern Rockies.

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* CONGRESS APPROVES RELATIVELY RIDERLESS CR.  Would keep government in money through December 11.  Includes controversial Middle East provision.

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* SENATE, HOUSE MOVING ENERGY BILLS.  Senate approves $9,500 APD fee to speed permits.  House approves package of bills it approved before.

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* HOUSE DEMS AGAIN DEMAND FIRE BILL ACTION.  Ask Republicans who sponsored emergency fire measure to sign petition to bring it to the floor.

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* CIRCUIT COURT OKAYS WYOMING WILD HORSE REMOVAL.  Upholds district court decision giving BLM approval to remove strays from checkerboard.

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* BLM PLANNING PLAN DRAWS REQUEST.  Bureau had barely begun work on new guidance than sportsmen asked for broad backcountry protection.

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* COURT BACKS WYOMING HAZE RULE, FOR NOW.  Tenth Circuit stays EPA rule requiring power plants to clean up.  Says state will likely win.

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