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Index to Public Lands News of July 25, 2014

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* FIRES A MAJOR BLM SAGE-GROUSE PRIORITY.  Some conflagrations in West burn up habitat.  One of many strategies to protect habitat and, perhaps, avoid ESA listing.  House GOP would defer listing decision to 2016.

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* KORNZE PITCHES FOR O&G INSPECTORS.  After GAO criticizes agency for not hiring enough.  He recommends a new system of onshore inspection fees.  House money panel puts up more money but takes from other programs.

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* SENATORS INCLUDE FIRE MONEY IN EMERGENCY BILL.  Put up $615M to pay agencies back in immigration bill.  House, Murkowski not so sure.

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* HOUSE APPROPRIATORS OFFER LEVEL FUNDING.  But include emergency fire and PILT money in bill, forcing reductions in conservation spending.

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* HOUSE APPROPRIATORS RETAIN RIDERS.  Keep them in money bill, despite Democrats’ opposition.  Sage-grouse delay among important riders.

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* DEMS: NO HARD ROCK ROYALTY COSTLY.  DeFazio staff puts lost royalties in 2012 and 2013 at $384 million.  Industry says it pays elsewhere.

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* TWO SENATORS WANT MORE FED MONEY.  FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS.  Landrieu focuses on offshore oil revenue sharing; Murkowski demands access.

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* USERS BACK GOP ON WETLANDS RULE.  Ranchers, hard rock miners say proposal to expand Section 404 permits should be stopped.  House GOP agrees.

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