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Index to Public Lands News of July 17, 2015

Index to the current issue:

* HOUSE WOULD BLOCK O&G ROYALTY HIKE.  Rider in approps bill would forbid BLM from increasing onshore royalty above 12.5 percent.  Dems talked about increase to 16.5 percent, or a $1.5 billion annual hike.

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* LOADED HOUSE SPENDING BILL STALLS.  Controversy over Confederate flag waylays for now.  Important new GOP riders added on the floor.

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* HOUSE APPROVES DISASTER SPENDING FOR FIRES.  Joins Senate and administration in shift to disaster account.  But is a hazardous fuels snag.

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* PRESIDENT DESIGNATES THREE NATIONAL MONUMENTS.  Southern Nevada desert monument most sensitive.  Sen. Reid is all for; Rep. Hardy is not.

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* LEAD COUNTY PULLS OUT OF UTAH LANDS INITIATIVE.  New Daggett commission says last year’s proposal must be changed.  Bishop continues on.

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* HOUSE VOTES TO KEEP ESA RIDERS.  Heads off Dems’ attempt to remove sage- grouse, wolf and bat riders from FY 2016 appropriations measure.

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* ONRR COAL ROYALTY VALUATION RULE OPPOSED.  House votes to block proposal to change valuation system for royalty purposes.  Dems disagree .

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* HOUSE OBJECTS TO BLM O&C PLAN.  Would block implementation of six plans bureau proposed in April.  Walden says BLM would short timber sales.

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* HOUSE MINERALS BILL AIMS AT ALL MINERALS.  Critical minerals bill would also speed permits for regular hard rock minerals, to OMB’s scorn.

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