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Index to Public Lands News of November 20, 2015

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* SENATORS ASSESS WILDFIRE STRATEGY.  Murkowski, Cantwell say they will write legislation addressing all issues, including funding, borrowing and hazardous fuels treatment.  Lots of other plans on the table.

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* APPROPRIATORS WORKING ON OMNIBUS.  Expect to run one jumbo spending bill to respective floors.  Dems, greens demand elimination of riders.

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* SENATORS JOIN CAMPAIGN TO BAN ENERGY LEASING.  Seven Democrats introduce bill that would end fossil fuels leasing from onshore public lands.

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* SENATORS TIE ANIMAS SPILL TO MINE LAW REFORM.  Five Democrats introduce bill not only to clean up abandoned mines but also to set royalty.

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* CALIFORNIA DESERT RENEWABLES PLAN OUT.  Phase I for federal lands is completed, but it does not incorporate state and local planning.

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* STEP TWO TAKEN IN ROAN O&G SETTLEMENT.  BLM publishes draft EIS backing plan limiting energy development.  Carries out all-party agreement    Page 9

* LWCF BILL MAY BOOST PILT A BIT.  Draft Bishop measure would cut PILT in on 15 percent of LWCF money, but that’s at most a quarter of needs.

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* UTAH COAL PROJECT FACES GROUSE, OTHER PROBLEMS.  Expansion of Alton Coal mine would affect grouse habitat.  Also runs into no leasing demand.

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* GREENS HOPE UTAH COURT WILL HALT RS 2477 CLAIMS.  Parties offer state Supreme Court reasons to follow, reject law addressing state claims.

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