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Index to Public Lands News of October 17, 2014

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* FS TO MANAGE SAN GABRIEL MONUMENT.  Some question because of Park Service involvement in study and legislation.  But Obama, in designating, said FS would be in charge.  This could be the first of several new ones.

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* FY 2014 FIRE SEASON ENDS BADLY.  The Forest Service said it spent $200 million more than Congress appropriated in FY 2014 for emergency fire fighting.  Former chiefs say Hill should shift to disaster funding.

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* LANDMARK GRAZING DECISION MAY BE APPEALED.  Livestock industry considers appeal of decision that faults automatic extension of old permits.

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* IMPACT OF BLM PLANNING 2.0 ASSESSED.  Few interest groups show much interest yet.  Maybe because process just begun.  Pew weighs in.

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* AMODEI OBJECTS TO FWS SAGE-GROUSE INPUT.  Criticizes FWS criticism of draft Nevada plan.  Amodei cites role of fire, but so does Jewell.

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* REPORTS DIFFER ON PUBLIC LANDS METHANE.  Liberal group sees significant increase from O&G flaring.  EPA sees overall decrease nationally.

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* ENVIROS PRESS NEW CLIMATE MEASURE.  Ask DoI and USDA to use ‘social cost’ test on many land uses.  Stems from court holding in coal LBA case.

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* BLM SETS ANOTHER NPRA O&G SALE.  But Alaskans are not impressed because existing lessees can’t get permits.  BLM to offer 3 million acres.

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