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Index to Public Lands News of February 20, 2015

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* BLM APPROVES FIRST NPRA DRILLING.  ConocoPhillips project may open the way to oil and gas development.  Company sounds like it is in accord with the decision.  Environmentalists worry about Teshekpuk Lake.

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* SENATE BILL WOULD EXTEND COUNTY PAYMENTS.  Would fully fund PILT and give SRS three more years at full funding.  Akin to Obama plan.

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* COLORADO ALSO FILES GUNNISON GROUSE SUIT.  Argues science shows the bird is not threatened.  For different reasons enviros have filed suit.

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* BILL WOULD REINSTATE WYOMING WOLF DELISTING.  Would overcome judge’s order saying state plan is not sufficient.  Lummis lead House sponsor.

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* OBAMA, MURKOWSKI DIFFER ON MONUMENTS.  President designates Browns Canyon Monument.  She introduces bill to curb administration authority.

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* FEINSTEIN INTRODUCES CALIF. DESERT BILL.  Would designate 1.1 million acres of desert for two national monuments, among other things.

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* THOMPSON DIVIDE O&G FIGHT GOES ON.  Industry asks White River National Forest to pull draft decision to close 61,000 acres to leasing.

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* HOUSE DEMS TRY AGAIN WITH MINE LAW REFORM.  Introduce bill to require royalty, strengthen BLM veto.  Industry: It won’t go anywhere.

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* GOP WOULD LET STATES MANAGE ENERGY.  On the public lands.  Sen. Inhofe, Rep. Black say states would more aggressively lease, issue permits.

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* STUDY QUESTIONS UTAH PUBLIC LANDS MANAGEMENT.  Two Utah professors see  difficulties, if the state takes over the 31M acres it claims.

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